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January 2016
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BOUND BY NOTHING is entertaining and heart felt. Once you start reading, you will not want to put it down. Rhon Johnson shares with us his awesome journey that will encourage us as we venture down the paths of our own lives.

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About The Author: Rhon Johnson

An award winning athlete in high school and college, Rhon Johnson has devoted his professional life to helping children and adolescents from disadvantaged families. Johnson is an author and teacher with more than ten years of experience directing sports ministry programs in his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Look Around Again

We have a tremendous opportunity everyday to serve others. Besides, this is why we have life in the first place. Don’t believe me? Well, let me prove it to you. As you go about your daily activities this week, look around at everything. You will not find one thing that is not a benefit to something else. Everything we lay our eyes on has been created to serve something other than itself, and that includes us. When we really come to understand this, things for us will start to line up perfectly. I know that most often, our first thoughts are to think about ourselves, but keep this in mind. Those of us who go into every relationship and situation with plans to use and take only, will eventually end up alone. What we cause to happen for another, is exactly what we will receive in our future.

Rhon Johnson


We hardly ever get to see the smiles on our own faces. The reason for this is because they are always intend for someone else.

Rhon Johnson (1966 –       )




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